ISBN: 9781032261027

Autism, Identity and Me: Set


A Practical Workbook and Professional Guide to Empower Autistic Children and Young People Aged 10+

ISBN: 9781032261027
Author(s) : Rebecca Duffus
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A Practical Workbook and Professional Guide to Empower Autistic Children and Young People Aged 10+

This empowering workbook and guide will help children and young people to develop a positive understanding of their autistic identity, whilst providing key adults with the tools needed to support their journey and initiate important conversations.

The workbook is highly structured and visual, broken down into key sections such as Interests and Focus, Masking, Emotions and My Autistic Identity Statement to create a personal passport and to develop a deeper understanding of what autism means to the young person as an individual. The accompanying guide provides background information, covering topics such as the social and medical models of disability and Monotropism, as well as a clear approach to help the adult to initiate key conversations, with examples of ‘possible prompts’ as well as concrete, supportive strategies. Content has been shaped by autistic advisors and contributors, with first-hand experiences woven throughout both books.

Having a positive understanding of your autistic identity is an indicator of higher self-esteem and wellbeing as an adult. This set supports the development of this and will be valuable for autistic children and young people aged 10+ and the adults working with them.

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