SPaRCS: Test of Spelling, Processing Speed and Reading Comprehension Speed

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SKU: SPARCS: Test Of Spelling, Processing Speed And Reading Comprehension Speed


NB: Only available to schools and educational establishments based in the Republic of Ireland

Qualification Code: A – Click HERE for more details.

Age: 13 years to 18 years & 11 months
Administration Time: approx. 40 minutes for the entire test (subtest can be given individually)
Mode: Pen and Paper
Suitable for: Teachers, SENCo’s, psychologists

The SPaRCS is the new UK and Irish normed standardised group test of Spelling, Processing speed and Reading Comprehension Speed. Perfect for teachers struggling to find suitable, time-saving and up-to-date tests for students to complete. Highly suitable for access arrangement applications (reader, scribe and extra time) and an excellent tool for year group screening in order to identify students that may need additional support and intervention.

The SPaRCS was created in order to provide teachers with an up-to-date, accurate, useful and time-saving assessment tool that can be used to quickly identify students that are in need of additional support and intervention and identify those that may qualify for access arrangements in their examinations. The SPaRCS can be used in a group setting (e.g. whole class screening) to assess those core academic and thinking skills that students need in order to perform effectively in school and exams – Spelling, Processing Speed, and Reading Comprehension Speed (SPaRCS).   The test has been normed with a UK and Irish population and demonstrates excellent reliability.

The main benefits of the SPaRCS are:

  • Speedy (administered comfortably in one 40-minute class period!)
  • Produces reliable standard scores
  • Access Arrangements – apply for 25% extra time, reader, and scribe in the UK
  • Reliable
  • Cost-effective – Very affordable
  • Selective – can identify students in need of intervention that may otherwise fly under the radar

What’s Included in the SPaRCS Starter Kit?

  • 1 x SPaRCS manual
  • 1 x 25 pack SPaRCS student response booklets

Watch this short YouTube video on the SPaRCS test:

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SPaRCS manual, Pack of 25 SPaRCS Student Response Booklets


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