ISBN: Survival Stories Series

Survival Stories’ Series for Reluctant Readers

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Amazing survival stories and activities for reluctant readers and those experiencing reading difficulties. Choose a book option below to


ISBN: Survival Stories Series
Author(s) : Sally Young
SKU: Survival Stories' Series


Amazing survival stories and activities for reluctant readers and those experiencing reading difficulties

Reading Age: 8-11 / Interest Age: 10-15

This new two-book delves into some remarkable stories of human survival against all odds. It includes both stories and activities. The language-based activities are high-interest and are structured to provide challenging tasks to motivate reluctant readers. Find out how Eric LeMarque survived with no food or water for 7 days in the freezing mountains, how a little girl spent over an hour under the ice with no oxygen and came out alive or how two little Aboriginal girls walked two and a half thousand kilometres alone, just to get home and lots more. Activities are aimed at strengthening language skills, as well as developing creative thinking, research skills and encouraging students to develop the ability to form and express personal ideas and opinions. The photocopiable worksheets include several activities based upon the themes explored in each of the survival stories. Typical tasks include:

  • Reading and comprehension based activities
  • Spelling/vocabulary activities
  • Open-ended language-based tasks
  • Research tasks
  • Fiction and report writing
  • Question prompts for group or pair discussion

Activities may be used as a body of work linked to the relevant story or as individual tasks depending on the needs of the student.

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A4 Photocopiable Teacher Resource Book – circa 60 Pages


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