ISBN: PE-14844

50 Great Activities for Children who Stutter


– Lessons, Insight, and Ideas for Therapy Success

50 Great Activities for Children who Stutter is a refreshing, practical manual for professionals working with school-age children who stutter.

ISBN: PE-14844
Author(s) : Peter Reitzes
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– Lessons, Insight, and Ideas for Therapy Success

50 Great Activities for Children who Stutter is a refreshing, practical manual for professionals working with school-age children who stutter. The author’s experience as a person who stutters, as a speech-language pathologist and as a frequent volunteer for self-help organisations has well prepared him to create 50 ingenious, easy-to-use activities, most including several possible adaptations. These fun activities make therapy both clear and successful. The presentation of the activities is down-to-earth, and includes step-by step directions, as well as delightful dialogue to use with the kids. You also get several activities specifically designed for therapy groups composed of children who stutter and children with language disorders.

The 50 activities are divided into five categories and include reproducible homework and handouts:

  1. Identifying and Exploring Stuttering–Stutter Tag, Stuttering Awards, Candid Camera, Teach Me How to Stutter, Stuttering Private Eye, and more
  2. Practicing Speech Tools–Stretching, Bouncing, Pausing, Voluntary Stuttering, Out in the World, Speech Tool Bingo, and more
  3. Learning the Facts–Facts, Famous Role Models, The World Wide Web, You Are the Expert, and more
  4. Uncovering Feelings–Draw a Picture of How You Talk, Stuttering Interviews, You Feel That Way Too? It’s Showtime, and more
  5. Targeting Language and Stuttering Goals–Barrier Games, Pleased to Meet You, Joke Telling, Idioms, Trust Building: The Blindfolded Walk, Scavenger Hunt, and more

The activities are the meat of the book, but three other sections should not be missed:

  • What You Need to Know About Stuttering–your most common questions are answered here, including information about what stuttering is, what causes it and makes it grow, its relationship to other speech disorders, age of onset, feelings and fears of stutterers, and much more
  • Your Tools for Successful Therapy–describes a straightforward approach to therapy that includes creating a motivating and safe environment, how to measure success, how to teach speech tools, working with feelings, and more
  • Appendixes –packed full of captivating personal stories written for young stutterers by stutterers who have been there, lots of fun stuttering awards, a summary of the pros and cons of altered speech feedback devices, resources, an adapted Stuttering Foundation Association brochure for the teacher, and more.

In addition to nearly 400 pages packed with great ideas, all the homework assignments, handouts, and awards are also available online via the included access code, so that you waste no time getting started in therapy as soon as you receive your book.

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