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HELP For Vocabulary


Clients build vocabulary as they work with hundreds of words and use them in a variety of contexts. They’ll use words to describe, define, and inform.

No-Glamour Language – Elementary


The scope and organisation of this bumper book of language lessons make it an essential therapy item. The 334 activities (368 pages total) are arranged in developmental order within 18 essential language skill areas.


Overcoming Attention Deficit Disorders


Discusses how differences in brain structure foster ADHD and ADD, challenges of ADHD and ADD in the classroom and workplace, how ADHD and ADD challenge a personal life, tag-along syndromes that imitate ADHD and ADD, and strategies for overcoming ADHD and ADD.


PDMS-2: Peabody Developmental Motor Scales (2nd Edition)


– NB: Only 1 Complete Kit available at half price (to clear) – soon to be superseded by PDMS-3

The PDMS-2 (Peabody Developmental Motor Scales – 2nd Edition) combines in-depth assessment with training or remediation of gross and fine motor skills of children from birth through 5 years.

PDMS-3: Peabody Developmental Motor Scales (3rd Edition – 2023)


The Peabody Developmental Motor Scales – Third Edition (PDMS-3) is an early childhood motor development program that provides both in-depth assessment and training or remediation of gross and fine motor skills.

TACL4: Test for Auditory Comprehension of Language – Fourth Edition

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The TACL4 is a reliable and valid measure of a child’s receptive spoken vocabulary, grammar and syntax. The test measures children’s ability to understand three language forms – Vocabulary, Grammatical Morphemes and Elaborated Phrases and Sentences