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ISBN: 9780815369011
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Comprising two identical sets of 96 photo cards, Categories, 2nd Edition depicts 24 everyday themes from animals and plants to clothes and household objects, and has been designed as a vocabulary intervention with a variety of activities. Suitable for all ages, the cards are categorised as ‘simple’ and ‘complex’ and can be used for exercises based on matching, colour, patterns, and association, among others.

This 2nd edition is a valuable intervention to support SLTs, SENCOs and teachers develop pupils’ adjectives and nouns, verbal comprehension, reasoning and expressive language. Suitable for use with individuals or in group settings, it features modern, engaging colour images and has been developed in conjunction with several highly-experienced speech and language therapists. The instruction booklet contains a range of suggested activities for administration and nine languages – English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish

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