ISBN: 9781869685652

Sing Your Way to Reading & Writing


ISBN: 9781869685652
Author(s) : Betty Chamberlain
SKU: 9781869685652


The Sing your way to Reading and Writing Kit is comprised of a book and a CD of songs and activities that enhance the teaching of reading and writing.

There are 9 units and each unit consists of:

  • a song
  • instructions on how to use the song
  • a chart
  • energiser activities
  • and the music

Song titles include:

  • A for Apple
  • The Tree House
  • Consonant Sound Song
  • Quiet Now
  • CR CH CH Charlie
  • Up and Down Houses
  • Vowel Name Song
  • Word Family Song
  • TH Song
  • The Short Vowels

Music has a powerful effect on influencing language development as well as increasing concentration, memory, visual and listening skills and physical coordination. The combination of audio, visual and kinaesthetic learning techniques in the resource will add an effective and fun point of difference to your literacy programme.

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