ISBN: 9781927172742

Read and Respond


ISBN: 9781927172742
Author(s) : Selma Owbridge
SKU: 9781927172742


Read and Respond contains a wide range of engaging activities that support independent and reciprocal reading. The activities can be photocopied, laminated, and made available for readers during library time or reading in the classroom. Activities help readers to look more closely at texts and encourage them to respond to what they are reading in a variety of creative and personalised ways. This resource supports the reading of texts both for information and enjoyment and will help learners to develop a love of reading, build up “reading mileage” as well as fluency, and grow in confidence as readers. Great for extension works! This book includes a student objective and assessment chart, reciprocal reading card and a reading log.

The responses will help students to:

  • Develop vocabulary knowledge and an understanding of how language features are used
  • Understand how authors organise ideas, adding detail to settings, describing characters and main events so that the reader can visualise them
  • Recognise that texts are shaped for different audiences and purposes
  • Comprehend and have a better understanding of ideas within the text
  • Develop an understanding of text structures
  • Develop research skills such as summarising, note taking, extracting, organising and recording information
  • write their own stories and reports
  • Analyse and evaluate texts sharing their ideas.

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