SALF: Self Assessment and Learning Folders

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SALF: Self Assessment Learning Folders

Online Course for Teachers (optional): SALF – Assessment for Learning (AfL) – A Practical Approach.

The SALF Revised Guidelines provide schools and teachers with a structured framework that bridges teacher-led learning and assessment with child-led learning and assessment. These guidelines are based on socio-constructivist principles of learning and provide a framework for teachers that enable children to become more active in their own learning and in the assessment of that learning.

This new SALF Guidelines for Teachers is a fully updated and revised edition of the original widely used first edition published in 2011, which was researched and written by Joan Keating N.T. B.Ed & Siobhán Cahillane-McGovern Ph.D,

What’s new?

The revised guidelines bring together in one chapter, ten strategies/methodologies that best develop children’s competencies for peer and self-assessment. The revised guidelines outline clearly the ten steps in creating, compiling and completing Self Assessment and Learning Folders. These ten steps are now streamlined and the same for all classes from Junior Infants to Sixth classes. A specific chapter aimed at supporting teachers in further developing SALF with Middle and Senior classes is now included. A dedicated chapter on helping schools develop SALF as a whole school initiative based on the experiences of the current authors in their schools and their experience working with principals and teachers engaged in ongoing professional development of assessment in practice. It includes a sample implementation time-frame, together with strategies for supporting the involvement of parents/guardians/carers and others in the process.

Other new Features:

  • Revised templates at the end of each chapter
  • Current authentic work samples from the classroom
  • Vibrant photos of SALF in action in the classroom
  • How to incorporate digital learning in the SALF process

SALF Folders/Portfolios:

Using the SALF process, the teacher facilitates each pupil in the compilation of a highly personable portfolio of work that each child selects as being their ‘best evidence of  learning’ across all eleven curriculum areas as well as their learning from extra-curricular activities. The teacher is the facilitator of the child as learner.

In lower primary (Junior infants-1st class), the ‘SALF Folder for Junior Classes’ is recommended. This is a scrap-book size folder where children select, cut and then paste ‘evidence of their learning’ into their own SALF Folder which gradually builds to a rich demonstration of their learning.

Poly-pocket folders are recommended for middle and senior classes where students can select but, equally as important, deselect ‘evidence of their learning’, allowing them to reflect on their improved learning as they progress through the year. Generally, 20-pocket folders are used for 2nd, 3rd and 4th classes and 40-pocket folders for 5th and 6th classes although this can alter depending on the pupils’ experience of using SALF and of course their ability.

SALF Resources (Select from ‘Choose an Option’ above):

  • SALF: Guidelines for Teachers (includes CD & DVD*)
  • Online Training – SALF: Assessment for Learning; A Practical Approach
  • SALF: Folder for Junior ClassesEnglish or Irish
  • SALF Starter Kit (The Guidelines with CD & DVD, a Junior SALF Folder, 20-Pocket Folder & 40-Pocket Folder) – English or Irish
  • Poly-pocket Folders – (20 pocket & 40-pocket) – English or Irish. These generic Office Depot folders are the preferred choice of folder for use with SALF. They are robust and have a pocket at the front and on the spine for the pupil to personalise their own folder. OTB will provide the appropriate SALF Tabs sheet (with instructions), SALF Organiser and replacement cover sheet and spine, in Irish or English, for each folder ordered. These inserts will be provided free of charge but separate to the folder (i.e. not assembled).

*The CD includes all templates, worksheets, letters, etc. from the Guidelines – in English and in Irish. The DVD contains a 45-minute documentary-type overview of SALF. It also demonstrates sample case studies of its use in Irish classrooms.

You can see samples of pupil folders, videos of how a Dublin school is getting on with SALF just one year after introducing it and lots more on the SALF Homepage –

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SALF: Starter Kit (English), SALF Guidelines for Teachers (Book), SALF Folder for Junior Classes (English), 20-Pocket Display Folder For SALF (English), 40-Pocket Display Folder For SALF (English), SALF: Guidelines for Teachers e-Book, SALF Online Course for Teachers, SALF: Fillteán de Ranganna Sóisearacha, Fillteán le 20 Póca, Fillteán le 40 Póca

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