ISBN: 9781925611304

Learning How To Code

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ISBN: 9781925611304
Author(s) : Philip Richards
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What Is LOGO?
LOGO is a free downloadable computer program that allows students to explore geometrical concepts by typing in commands that move a turtle around a screen. As the turtle moves, it
draws lines. By using simple commands, students plan and create geometrical figures and designs.

Why Use LOGO?

Using LOGO requires problem-solving with logical deductions and creative and critical thinking. Students will learn about 2D shapes and angles while using this program. They will
be motivated to use Geometry because of the challenging nature of the program and its ‘fun’ properties. Students will learn a computer language and will understand that it is important
to ‘have a go’. Being wrong will lead them closer to the desired outcome and trial and error (experimenting and correcting) will lead to a planned and conceptualised result. As students
correct ‘bugs’, they will move nearer to finding a solution.

The worksheets in this book can be completed individually or in pairs. Students who finish the set work early should be encouraged to explore other shapes and patterns on their own.
It can be useful to have students use a notebook with a grid pattern. They may like to sketch out what they want to do and to plan a program. It may also be valuable to have them
write down their commands

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