ISBN: 9781869685409

Four Operations,The


ISBN: 9781869685409
Author(s) : Johana Meyer
SKU: 9781869685409
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This is a maths resource focused on the essential maths skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, The Four Operations is a comprehensive guide to the beginner and intermediate strategies for teaching and learning these essential numeracy development skills. Each operation is tackled in depth with numerous mental and practical approaches included for students learning or struggling with basic maths. This resource is designed to get students thinking mathematically and is suited to a wide range of different ability levels and for whole class, small group or individual work.

Approaches Include:

  • Number Lines
  • Algorithms
  • Shopkeepers Method
  • Grids
  • Base Ten
  • Using Fingers
  • Number Expanders
  • Operation Patterns

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