ISBN: 9781869684976

Writing Reports


Writing Reports will take the grind out of end-of-term or end-of-year report writing.


ISBN: 9781869684976
Author(s) : Patricia Hodgson
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 – What to say and How to Say it!

Writing Reports will take the grind out of end-of-term or end-of-year report writing. The hundreds of comments and phrases grouped here and contained on the accompanying Digital Companion Page means that at the flick of a page or click of a search button, you can source the sentences that you need to adapt for individual students. Comments and phrases in Writing Reports can be used as they are or modified for any year level and learning area. Using this resource should speed up your report-writing process.

Reports are complex to write. They require sensitivity and professionalism. Writing Reports acknowledges this and tries to ensure that you will be able to find quickly the kind of useful comments you need to report efficiently and effectively.

For each year level, and across most learning areas, users are provided with specific comments that give information to students and their parents about current strengths and areas on which work is needed.

The resource is divided into comments for Junior Primary Learners and Middle and Senior Primary Learners. In addition to subject-specific comments there are scores of comments in the General Comments sections that cover:

  • Progress
  • Attitude
  • Time Management
  • Classroom Participation
  • Relationships

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A4 Teacher Photocopiable Resource Book – 68 Pages – includes Digital Companion Page


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