ISBN: 9781869684525

Plan, Practise, Present!


ISBN: 9781869684525
Author(s) : James Bennet
SKU: 9781869684525


The school curriculum is pretty crammed these days. Most teachers in primary schools are eagerly looking for opportunities to integrate a number of curriculum areas into single classroom tasks. This is what Plan, Practise, Present aims to do. Plan, Practise, Present contains fifteen scenario-based challenges. Each one encourages students to work collaboratively in small groups to meet ‘real-life’ challenges. They will practise a range of cross-curricula skills in each challenge.

You can give each challenge as a stand-alone activity, or link it with a unit of work. While it is possible to complete some of the challenges in less than a day, it is also possible to use many of them as the basis for integrated units of work. As such they may be tackled in depth, and might take several weeks to complete. You may typically choose to do one or two challenges per term.

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