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Work it Out!


– Activities to Stimulate Creative Thinking
Get your students working with this two-book series aimed at promoting higher-level thinking skills and creative thinking.
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ISBN: Work it Out! series
Author(s) : Peter Clutterbuck
SKU: Work it Out! series

 – Activities to Stimulate Creative Thinking

Get your students working with this two-book series aimed at promoting higher-level thinking skills and creative thinking.

Students will Develop Skills in:

  • Prediction
  • Understanding change
  • Making comparison
  • Stating points of view
  • Making decisions and choices
  • Brainstorming
  • Problem-solving and more!

Let your students work it out , developing their thoughts and find new ways to solve problems. The focus is on developing original ideas and helping students focus on their imagination. Use these activities for individuals, small groups or as a whole class activity. The applications are endless.

The ability to think clearly and reason logically is an important goal of both primary and secondary education. Critical thinking skills can be taught to students in a manner that is interesting, fun and challenging. It is vital that from an early age, students are taught to think clearly and to analyse and synthesise information and reason logically.

The task pages in this two-book series are designed to be self-explanatory and most students should be able to work on them without assistance from the classroom teacher. For this reason the task pages make excellent activity material for fast-finishers or for rainy-day fill-ins.

The back of this resource contains an answer section which should be readily available for students to check on their completed works. Although some activities in this critical thinking series may be presented more as puzzles, there are no tricks. Like good puzzles these critical thinking activities challenge the student to use his/her powers of logic and mental discrimination. In this way they are fun and stretch the mind. While students are working on these puzzles/problems/thinking activities they will also be working towards an important goal – developing the ability to think, organise, classify, analyse and synthesise so as to master given problems.

The puzzles and problems included vary in levels of difficulty and have been selected and prepared for senior primary and junior secondary school students. Students should be encouraged to use diagrams, jottings etc. when working on a solution. It is hoped that by meeting the challenges included in this resource, some students will be encouraged to explore more difficult examples and transfer these critical thinking skills into all aspects of their everyday lives.


Peter Clutterbuck has been a prolific author of educational texts for many years. As a practising and wholly committed classroom teacher, he has been able to collect tried and tested activities and create and trial interesting new exercises that have proved to be not only educationally successful but also eagerly anticipated and enjoyed by both students and teachers. Peter’s books are always practical and user-friendly. The activities challenge students and generate an enthusiastic desire for learning.

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Photocopiable Teacher Resource Books – Approx. 62 Pages per Book


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