ISBN: 9781943360253

Teacher’s Guide to Standards-Based Learning, A


ISBN: 9781943360253
SKU: 9781943360253


In A Teacher’s Guide to Standards-Based Learning, authors Tammy Heflebower, Jan K. Hoegh, Philip B. Warrick and Jeff Flygare detail how F–12 teachers can make standards-based learning work in their classrooms. With their decades of classroom experience, the authors explain the research and theory behind standards-based learning and help F–12 teachers and leaders make the important paradigm shifts necessary to transform their curriculum, instruction, assessment and feedback practices. They provide numerous tools and examples to guide teachers in implementing a successful system of standards-based learning. 

  • Using this practical, research-based resource, readers will:
  • Use standards-based grading and assessment methods to better measure student learning
  • Set goals and track student progress
  • Learn to develop proficiency scales specific to standards-based learning
  • Adapt learning for exceptional learners, including English learners, students with special needs and gifted learners
  • Communicate standards-based grades clearly to students, parents and stakeholders.

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