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Incredible Toddlers


ISBN: 9781892222084
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Toddlers are incredible learners with an enormous, intrinsic capacity and curiosity to learn. By 2-3 years of age toddlers are thought to have the largest number of brain neuron synapses possible, many more than adults have. Over subsequent years some of these neuron synapses will be strengthened while others are weakened. It is clear that children’s brain wiring, circuitry, and eventual social, emotional, and academic competence is profoundly influenced by the way parents interact with them. Indeed parents are children’s first and best teachers.

The Incredible Toddlers book shows you how to promote and understand your toddler’s physical, social, emotional and language development. It includes safety alerts, developmental principles, and a journal section where you can capture and preserve your memories of your toddler’s likes and dislikes, favorite songs, stories and daily routines.

The book is organised around helping toddlers accomplish the following three developmental milestones:

  1. Secure attachment or bonding with parents
  2. Development of language, social and emotional expression
  3. Developing a sense of self and unique individuality

The book provides simple but effective techniques to help you:

  • Promote toddlers’ preschool and reading readiness with academic and persistence coaching
  • Strengthen toddlers’ emotional and social competence
  • Cope with separations and establish predictable routines for bedtime, toileting and mealtimes
  • Use positive discipline strategies

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