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Incredible Years: Posters


ISBN: IY-Posters
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Incredible Years Posters: Special Offer Combo Set

This Combo Set Consists of the following:

  • Teaching Pyramid Poster
    • This large colour poster details the skills learned in the Teacher Classroom Management Program workshops. Group leaders outline the progress of the workshops by showing the levels of the pyramid, starting with the foundation at the bottom. (not laminated)
      Size: 86 X 43 cm     Ages: 3-10+     Code: IY-TPP
  • Calm Down Thermometer Poster
    • This laminated poster can be used by teachers in the classroom or by therapists teaching the I.Y. Dinosaur Program. The thermometer is a visual representation of how to change emotions from ‘red hot mad’ to ‘cool blue’. The poster has a brightly coloured thermometer in the middle with a Velcro strip and arrow on the side. Students are taught to move the arrow up and down to show how they are feeling. Students who are feeling angry learn to take deep breaths or to use another calm-down strategy to get themselves back into the ‘blue zone’.
      Size: 43 X 28 cm     Ages: 3-10+     Code: IY-CDTP
  • Talking Meter Poster
    • Teachers can use this laminated poster to note when children talk in the classroom, to signal when the noise level is getting too high, or to indicate a quiet work time. The arrow can be moved up or down to indicate the noise level permitted in the classroom at that time. For example, during unstructured time the noise level may be higher than during circle time or small group work times.
      Size: 43 X 28 cm     Ages: 3-10+     Code: IY-TMP
  • Classroom Rules ‘Show Me Five’ Poster
    • This laminated poster can be displayed in the classroom and used in circle time to teach children each of the classroom rules and/or the ‘Show me Five’ prompt. This is a prompt for children to demonstrate five learning behaviours at once: Hands to Self · Inside Voice · Walking Feet · Working Hard · Quiet Hands Up · Eyes on Teacher · Listening Ears. Small rule cards can be placed on the Velcro fingertips of the poster as the rules are taught. Teachers can choose which of 7 different rules are displayed on the hand at once.
      Size: 43 X 28 cm     Ages: 3-10+     Code: IY-CRP
  • School Rules A4 Cue Cards (Laminated) – Set of 7
    • These seven A4 laminated cue cards can be used to teach and review classroom or group rules. Seven common rules are pictured: Hands to Self · Inside Voice · Walking Feet · Working Hard · Quiet Hands Up · Eyes on Teacher · Listening Ears. The cards may be displayed as a visual signal and are used for games that teach and reinforce classroom rules (see ‘Show Me Five’ Poster) or given to a particular student to prompt a specific behaviour. The cards may also be used with students who have limited language skills or who are at the pre-reading stage.
      Size: A4     Ages: 3-10+     CODE: IY-CRCC-7

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Pack of 4 x A3 laminated (interactive) posters, 1 x Teaching Pyramid Poster and 7 x A4 Cue Cards


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