Physical Education

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Physical Education Series is part of the Australian Health And Physical Education Series which comprises ten books altogether. This book is targeted at students in their first few years of schooling.

These are the four books to accompany the Health Series.

The activity sheets have been designed so that students will show their engagement with key concepts by: cutting and pasting, highlighting, ticking, crossing, writing, tracing, drawing, matching, numbering, circling, and through discussion.

Meaningfully illustrated and clearly set out, the worksheets in Health for Foundation Level are perfectly suited to this age group

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Phys Ed for Infants, Phys Ed for Lower Primary, Phys Ed for Middle Primary, Phys Ed for Upper Primary, Set of 4 books, Phys Ed for Infants e-Book, Phys Ed for Lower Primary e-Book, Phys Ed for Middle Primary e-Book, Phys Ed for Upper Primary e-Book

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