Leadership for Mortals


This resource is for prospective and practising school leaders.

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Author(s) : Dean Fink
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– Developing and Sustaining Leaders of Learning

Leadership in recent years has become a growth industry. Politicians demand more of it, academics decry the lack of it, and potential school leaders are deciding ‘to hell with it’ …..we are making the business of leadership so complicated that we seem to need John Wayne at his mythological best or Xena the Warrior Princess to run a school.

Most educational leaders are not ‘heroic’ but rather ordinary people who through extraordinary commitment, effort, and determination have become extraordinary, and have made the people around them exceptional. Educational leadership is more art than science; it is more about character than technique; it is more about inspiration than charisma; it is more about leading students’ and teachers’ learning than the management of things

This resource for prospective and practising school leaders:

  • Motivates and inspires
  • Addresses the challenges of contemporary school leadership
  • Presents a model for leadership development, selection and succession
  • Challenges existing and prospective leaders to develop and live by a set of core values based on students’ learning
  • Describes and explains the ‘learnings’ required by effective leaders of learning
  • Describes the intellectual ‘tool kit’ that leaders can develop
  • Describes the trajectories through which leaders proceed, and the ‘learnings’ required at each stage of the leader’s evolution
  • Presents a template for leadership development and succession

About the Author:

Dean Fink – Educational Development Consultant, Ontario

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192 Pages


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