ISBN: 9781949539417

Connecting Through Leadership


Strengthen your communication skills in order to inspire, motivate, and connect with every member of your school community, from teachers to students to parents. Overcome the challenges of organisational communication and implement classroom engagement strategies with this self-development resource.

ISBN: 9781949539417
Author(s) : Jasmine K. Kullar
SKU: 9781949539417


The Promise of Precise and Effective Communication in Schools

The success of a school greatly depends on the ability of its leaders to communicate effectively. In Connecting Through Leadership, author Jasmine K. Kullar details how to verbally and non-verbally inspire, motivate, and connect with every member of a school community, from teachers to students to parents. The book includes questions for reflection and concludes with a five-month communication challenge designed to help leaders put what they learned into action.

Use this resource as your action plan for developing strong communication skills:

  • Learn how to become a charismatic presenter and promote student engagement with effective communication skills
  • Gain strategies for having tough conversations central to teacher leadership
  • Discover how to communicate effectively through written and oral communication
  • Review the ways in which body language can impact your message
  • Understand how body language affects communication and other intrapersonal skills
  • Analyse your communication strengths and weaknesses to create personal improvement goals and build your school leadership abilities


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