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These Christmas books are designed for primary school teachers and will provide an ideal aid in preparing classroom materials for the festive season. Each book contains a range of Christmas-related activities that provides an interesting and stimulating series of activities in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Christmas Themes for the Early Years (Age suitability: 4-8) – This photocopiable resources book will provide an ideal aid to teachers of young children to prepare classroom materials for the festive season. It contains a host of ideas for art and craft activities and tree decorations, as well as detailing recipes for simple Christmas cooking that children can be involved in at school or at home. A number of Christmas-related online activities are also included so that children can experience an ‘Internet Christmas‘ in addition to the traditional activities described above.

Christmas Craft (Age suitability: 4-8) – The celebration of Christmas has universal high appeal for all ages. This photocopiable resource book provides a wide range of practical activities and worksheets, ideal for individual and group participation, based on the Christmas theme. There is a wide variety of craft topics presented and teachers can choose those most appropriate to their students’ skill levels, materials available and the final appeal of the products being created. Instructions for all activities are virtually self-explanatory so only guidance is provided. This allows the individual teacher to easily adapt, alter and create many different versions of the craft ideas being presented.

Christmas for Juniors (Age suitability: 5-8) – This photocopiable resource book contains a host of language and craft activities as well as Christmas recipes, all suitable for use in the junior primary classroom. It draws on experiences already familiar to most children but allows them to find out how some of the commonplace traditions originally came to be established.

Christmas Around the World (Age suitability: 8-12) – This photocopiable resource book examines the traditions and customs of Christmas in other countries, with the inclusion of activities related to art, craft, music and cooking. It also gives students the opportunity to research some of the background aspects of the event. Incorporated in the research component are internet activities related to Christmas websites, in addition to a variety of online references that can be used for further investigations.

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Christmas Themes for the Early Years (56 Pages); Christmas Craft (56 Pages); Christmas for Juniors (64 Pages): Christmas Around the World (56 Pages)



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Christmas Themes for the Early Years (2015); Christmas Craft (2010); Christmas for Juniors (2011): Christmas Around the World (2015)

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