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Dyslexia In Secondary School


ISBN: 9781861562722
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This book explains why dyslexic students frequently underachieve and demonstrates that adjustments in teaching and learning methods can make all the difference, provided that underlying problems are identified. After reading “Dyslexia in Secondary School”, teachers will be able to identify children with specific learning problems and know better how to help them with their school work. Examples are based on the curriculum and used to show how to advise students on essay writing, note taking, memorising vocabulary and reading to remember. Parents and specialist teachers will find that the book helps them translate educational psychologists theory into practical action.

The students themselves will be encouraged to look carefully at how they learn, and, using their strengths rather than their weaknesses, try out alternative strategies. This book contains diagrams, mind maps and worksheets as well as many ideas for teachers. Focusing as it does on the way we learn, “Dyslexia in Secondary School” will interest all teachers and students not just those with specific learning difficulties.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Reading
  • Mind-mapping
  • Computers for People With Dyslexia
  • Taking Notes
  • Essay Writing
  • Languages
  • Revision
  • Summaries
  • Index

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