ISBN: 9781877282980

What a Relief!

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ISBN: 9781877282980
Author(s) : Rachel Goodchild
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There’s nothing worse for classroom teachers than trying to locate a relieving teacher at the last minute and also having to plan for the day’s work; especially if they are feeling ill! The What A Relief! series provides whole days of thematically arranged, ready-to-go resource materials which junior teachers can copy for the times when they are absent from class. This resource series is designed to help a potentially disrupted day to run smoothly by providing prepared programmes that will motivate children with purposeful learning activities. In two photocopiable books each unit includes all the masters and teacher guidelines that relief teachers are likely to need in the course of a school day. Themes are structured into:

  • Buzz groups (to introduce the theme)
  • Reading activities
  • Writing and publishing activities
  • Maths, fitness and art activities
  • Construction activity
  • Word find

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