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ISBN: 9781901219548
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Guy Claxton’s classic ‘Building Learning Power’ presented both a distinctive goal for education and a set of practical ideas to help schools and teachers attain it. Now, in The Learning Powered School, Guy and his co-authors look at how the ideas and practice have developed, and flourished, over the intervening eight years. The book is rooted in the experience of schools and teachers who have seen the promise of Building Learning Power and have taken up the challenge of realigning their classroom practice, their professional development, and their engagement with parents, sometimes quite radically. Many examples of that trail-blazing experience are described here some as cameos and vignettes, others as extended studies with in-depth discussion.

The book also deals with the ideas of learning power, and the science and evidence behind them, which underpin the classroom successes. And of course, it reviews the impact including that on results and Ofsted grades. Learning power, and the importance of building it in all young people could be the keys to transforming education to make it truly fit for purpose in the twenty-first century. The Learning Powered School describes a work in progress, to be sure, but the progress so far is substantial and the future directions increasingly clear.

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