ISBN: More_than_Words

More Than Words

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ISBN: More_than_Words
Author(s) : Fern Sussman
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As a parent of a child with autism, you want nothing more than to help your child communicate.

Extensive research has shown that when parents interact with their child in specific ways that motivate, encourage and support communication, they can make a significant difference to their child’s social and communication development.

Based on this research, the More Than Words guidebook and companion DVD will provide parents with simple strategies they can use during everyday routines and activities to help their child interact more meaningfully with others and experience less frustration.

More Than Words will help you help your child reach the following three goals:

  • Improved social skills
  • The ability to engage in back-and-forth interactions
  • Improved understanding of language

What makes More Than Words strategies so powerful is that you can use them during the everyday routines you’re already doing with your child.

Making the most of your child’s interests and special preferences, More Than Words can show you how to take any daily activity and turn it into a fun and natural way to help your child communicate. And because you’re interacting closely with your child the whole time, you’ll be connecting in new ways and learning things about each other you never knew before!

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