ISBN: 9781877478246

Environmental Education through Literacy, Science, Statistics

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A structured learning programme for students who have a language background other than English. The English,  Maths and Science activities are centered on key environmental concepts.

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ISBN: 9781877478246



Give students the opportunity to advocate for positive change. This series enables them to do that while also covering many areas of the curriculum. It is a complete set that simplifies delivery of the unit. The English maths and science activities are centred on key environmental concepts and students use a variety of learning tools including speeches, debates, surveys, scientific investigations to develop core skills.

Each book in this series:

  • Has been designed as a complete resource that simplifies delivery of the unit
  • Sets out activities for teaching the core ideas of environmental education while delivering at least one aspect of the curriculum
  • Deals with topics and tasks of direct relevance and interest to children
  •  Contains all the photocopiable materials needed to teach the unit.

Children jump at the opportunity to become advocates for positive change – and here is a series that enables them to do so while covering many areas of the core curriculum. The English, mathematics and science activities are centred on key environmental concepts such as interdependence, sustainability and personal responsibility. Through speeches and debates, surveys, scientific investigations and other learning tools, children are motivated to develop core skills and to take up the job of caring for our home, the Earth.

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