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ISBN: 9781869685508
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Learning the Language of Art

Learning the words of Art as students draw, paint and create helps them develop and grow in their learning. As students learn the practical aspects of art, teachers have the opportunity to relate it back to literacy development, and weave art principles throughout the rest of the curriculum.

The activities in this resource will develop a sound art vocabulary based around the elements of art and the 5 senses in students. This lays the foundation on which their growth as young artists depends. If they can talk and think about their artworks they will be able to plan them more effectively and to communicate the stories they want to share both verbally and visually.

They will also have a vocabulary which will enable them to describe and analyse the work of other artists. In part one the focus is on the elements of art, the building blocks which artists use to construct their works. In part two the five senses are addressed. In the third part of the book the different kinds of art tools and materials are covered.

Throughout this resource there are also ways in which each unit can be linked to other curriculum areas. For instance the art element texture can be explored in Art, but also in Nature Studies, Drama, Dance, Technology, and Story Writing. This broadens the students’ understanding of this art element, and provides teachers with a rich base to create meaningful learning experiences.

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