ISBN: 9781553792611

Clarity in the Classroom


ISBN: 9781553792611
Author(s) : Michael Absolum
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Using Formative Assessment for Building Learning-Focussed Relationships

The author, Michael Absolum, shows how building a learning-focused relationship between teacher and student helps make “assessment for learning” principles work effectively. He does this by breaking down the bigger ideas of assessment into smaller parts that make it easy for educators to understand. Throughout the book, Absolum shares his ideas about:

  • the nature of student learning
  • the nature of the student/teacher relationship
  • the skills that teachers need to support students
  • the skills that students need to learn
    Originally written for a New Zealand readership, Clarity in the Classroom has been adapted for North American educators. This book is an essential resource for every teacher and administrator looking to support and enhance the learning opportunities for all students.

The adaptions to the North American edition were done by James Gray, a vice-principal in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and Meagan Mutchmor, a K–8 mathematics consultant for the Winnipeg School Division.

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