Free Spirit’s Mission

Free Spirit Publishing is known for its unique understanding of what kids want and need to navigate life successfully. There reputation as the leading publisher of Self-Help for Kids and Self-Help for Teens is grounded in books and other learning materials that are practical, positive, pro-kid, and solution focused. Free Spirit is not afraid to tackle tough topics such as teen depression, kids and anxiety, grief and loss, juvenile justice, and conflict resolution. Free Spirit also offers sound advice with a sense of humor on relevant issues including stress management, character building, puberty, school success, self-esteem, service learning, and more. Free Spirit formed an Advisory Board of Educators—a diverse group of K–12 teachers, counselors, librarians, administrators, and social workers—who provide us with valuable feedback about our products. This is just one of the ways our books stay current, credible, and truly helpful.

Free Spirit’s 2019 Catalogue

Free Spirit’s History

A former classroom teacher and gifted-education specialist, Free Spirit founder Judy Galbraith remembers looking in vain for kid-friendly information that addressed the real-life issues her students faced. In 1983, she made a decision to begin filling that void, starting her own company to offer accessible, contemporary books to help young people develop socially, emotionally, and intellectually. More than three decades later, Free Spirit Publishing continues to be the leader in social-emotional learning, building its list from just a few titles to over 300 award-winning books and products, with new titles being published every year.