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The Finding Your Way with Visual Arts series is aimed at teachers and schools who wish to develop a comprehensive skill-based programme of work for the student. It can be adapted for class level teaching and one-off lessons.

The series supports students to:

  1. Develop skills in art
  2. Create art works to express themselves
  3. Talk about their art and the art of others
  4. Discuss the role of art works in society.

The lesson outlines focus on skill-development and producing artworks at each level in these art areas:

Book A: Two-dimensional art works

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Printmaking

Book B: Three-dimensional art works

  • Construction
  • Fabric and Fibres
  • Modelling and Sculpting

Students are expected to discuss their own and others’ art works. As well as talking about their own art students are introduced to artists who work in the medium highlighted. Recommended artists to study are drawn from those who are internationally recognised. Many of the works by the artists are available from sites on the Internet, using the name of the artist as a search term.

Implementing a visual arts programme

This skill-based approach to implementing a visual arts programme ensures that students revisit the six aspects of art, extending skills at each level. These lessons have been trialled and implemented by teachers. They require minimal preparation and planning. Each lesson gives a brief list of the preparation required for the lesson. It ensures that the aspects of art that are often “too hard” for teachers to manage, are easily accessible through the weekly lessons. This programme ensures that students have balanced and even coverage in the aspects of
modelling and sculpture, construction, fabric and fi bres as well as the more familiar drawing, painting and printmaking. Skills taught in these aspects are closely matched to students’
developmental abilities.

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