ISBN: 9781906926694

Differentiated Approach to 24 Number & Counting Rhymes & Jingles



ISBN: 9781906926694
Author(s) : Florence Gavin
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This book was written as a supplement to (though in a modern context) the common resource of number rhymes and jingles which many teachers remember from their own childhoods, (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 – I caught a little fish alive etc), and is intended for use with Junior Classes.

The author Florence Gavin has tried, where space allowed, to differentiate the consolidation work based on the jingles. e.g. The Grasshopper p. 12-15. The dot-to-dot, mazes and “Find the Twins” pages are intended for the more able children. The book will also be useful to teachers in a multi-class situation. An attempt has been made to integrate subjects e.g. SESE (Grasshopper Green, p17, Snow, p 39, Feeding the Ducks, p 51, Insects p19 & 20, Sunflowers, p53), SPHE (The Fire Brigade p. 25 & 26, Ardgillan Playground, p3, My Pets, p57, My Apartment, p85) and of course English language with the overall numerical theme of the rhymes.

Many teachers will see a benefit in using the rhymes in a cross-curricular methodology although they are mostly number based. The pages are not intended as reading material for the child though in some instances many high-frequency words are used and thus the jingles will be within the more able child’s reading ability. It is recommended that the child takes home a copy of the rhyme for further consolidation and to strengthen home/school links, as parents, as a general rule, enjoy listening to their child’s recitations.

A Mastery Record sheet is included at the back of the book.

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