Gifted and Talented Children


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Author(s) : Shirley Taylor
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Children who are gifted and talented are also referred to as children with special abilities (cwsa). These terms will be used interchangeably in this planning guide. They are not intended as labels but as descriptors. For example, a child who has a special ability in mathematics may be a child who has blue eyes, is the youngest child in her family, plays netball and likes singing. Her special ability describes one aspect (albeit important) of her as a person.

This planning guide has been written for primary school teachers, principals and support staff who have gifted and talented children in their school communites and who require some specific practical strategies to work effectively with these children. It is based on
three ideas:

1. That children with special abilities can be provided for in an inclusive school setting. This means a setting where schools have a philosophy of responding to all abilities and needs, and where there are flexibilities in approaches to teaching and learning. This does not mean that everyone does the same thing in the same way or in the same place.

2. That special abilities are broad ranging and therefore a definition
of giftedness is not narrow but wide and inclusive.

3. That identification of and programming for giftedness are linked
and together underpin school policy.

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