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These three books will support your new entrant literacy programme by providing a range of creative and meaningful alphabet activities across a range of learning areas. They make the task of alphabet learning lots of fun for children and provide teachers with ready-made templates and ideas. They take each letter of the alphabet and set out a sequence of hands-on activities which will support children with different learning styles to absorb the look and sound of each letter. Each letter comes with five supporting pages: a cross curricular overview which shows how activities which relate to the letter can be integrated into a range of learning areas; an animal template with an original poem, a creative activity which supports fine motor skills development like cutting, pasting, folding, colouring; a recipe; and a technology challenge.

Alligators To Zebras Book A:  A To I
Alligators To Zebras Book B:  J To R
Alligators To Zebras Book C:  S To Z


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