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Awesome Atlas Activities


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Awesome Atlas Activities provides engaging high interest challenges, quizzes and puzzles that support students in using the atlas. Activities focus on mapping concepts and skills, continents, countries, capital cities, physical features, and native animals.

The map challenges and quizzes in the resource are arranged into mini-units that focus on each of the continents. Each unit follows a similar easy-to-use format with activity pages tailored to each continent.

Activities Involve:

Creating continent maps using grid co-ordinates
Using an atlas to locate places and physical features
Using compass directions to describe the location of places
Constructing and interpreting bar graphs of rivers, mountains and areas
Drawing native animals using grid co-ordinates
Learning about animals through various challenge activities such as cloze, crosswords, word searches, alphabetical order etc

Awesome Atlas Activities provides librarians and classroom teachers with a resource that is comprehensive, fully-photocopiable and easy to use. It provides students with interesting, unique and challenging activities that allow them to explore the world in which they live. – Answers are included.

About the Author:
Sylvia Cilas is a practising teacher and has taught in the primary school sector for 14 years in New Zealand. This is her second published resource for schools.

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