100 Ideas for Secondary Teachers: Supporting Students with Dyslexia


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100 Ideas for Secondary Teachers: Supporting Students with Dyslexia by Gavin Reid & Shannon Green

Do you need ready-to-use, fun and engaging ideas for supporting students with dyslexia in your classroom? Then look no further! Designed for busy secondary school teachers, this book is packed with tried-and-tested activities to integrate into your lesson plans that you can use straight away.

There are ideas specific to secondary subject areas, including English, maths and PE, plus loads of practical advice on key areas of personal development, from self-esteem and staying motivated to effective study skills.

This is the perfect companion for teachers and SENCOs who want to ensure that those children with dyslexia in their care are fully supported to help fulfil their potential.

INCLUDES: Teaching tips Taking it further ideas Quotes from teachers and pupils’ bonus ideas

About the Author(s):

Gavin Reid is an independent international Educational Psychologist. He is heavily involved in teacher training and is an international seminar presenter and author.

Shannon Green works full-time in learning support and is dedicated to supporting students achieve their academic potential. She also continues to teach online courses on dyslexia.

[CODE: CTM-1790]

[Extent: Pages: 144]

[Authors: Gavin Reid & Shannon Green]

[Age Suitability: Secondary]

[Published: 2016]