Tasks Galore

Laurie Eckenrode, Pat Fennell, and Kathy Hearsey are former teachers of students with special needs. Much of their work has been serving in different capacities for the TEACCH AUTISM PROGRAM. Laurie taught in an exemplary structured teaching classroom, which she developed, and which served as a TEACCH training model. She went on to serve as an autism consultant and trainer. After teaching, Pat served for 20+ years as a psychoeducational therapist and trainer/ consultant with the Chapel Hill TEACCH Clinic. Kathy continues her work as a TEACCH therapist and was a former director of the TEACCH’s supported employment program. The three authors have extensively trained parents and professionals in structured teaching methodology and have won many awards for their achievements in the field of special education.

In 2021 the Tasks Galore editorial assets were acquired by Outside the Box Learning Resources who continue to service the global market with this terrific range of resources. More information can be found on the Tasks Galore Website.

More information on the Tasks Galore books can be found in the link below (including a ‘Look Inside’ feature for each book).

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