Jessica K Doyle is Autistic, Adhd and otherwise Neurodivergent. Jessica K is an Assistant Psychologist at the Adult Autism Practice and a director at Thriving Autistic. Jessica K is also currently consulting on a project related to autism, neurodiversity and relationships at the Muiriosa Foundation and is the current (2022) chair of the Psychological Society of Ireland, Special Interest group in Autism. Jessica K is a speaker on her own experience as an Autistic adult and on theory, research and practice relating to sensory perception and Autistic / otherwise Neurodivergent experience. Jessica K is a consultant, researcher and speaker passionate about exploring Autistic perception and repositioning the lens away from thwarting Neurodivergent authenticity to designing for diversity, fostering growth and committing to universal design.


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Adult Autism Assessment Handbook, The


– A Neurodiversity Affirmative Approach

This accessible and comprehensive adult autism assessment handbook covers the most up-to-date research and best practice around adult autism assessment, centering the person’s internal experiences and sense-making in clinical assessment, rather than subjective observation, thus providing the clinician with a truly paradigm shifting Neuro-Affirmative approach to autism assessment.