This T.I.P.S. (Topic Information Page & Support) page has been designed to support therapists, clinicians, teachers and parents/carers who work with children and adults who stutter/stammer. The page has three main sections as follows:

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About Stuttering:

Stammering and Stuttering mean exactly the same thing and are used interchangeably. We tend to talk about stammering in Ireland and UK, while elsewhere it is called stuttering. It is important to remember that whilst stammering can describe how words get stuck or repeated, it also can affect how someone feels (their thoughts and feelings) and their engagement or participation (i.e. their willingness to speak).

Support Services

Resources and Assessments

Useful Short Videos

Wait, wait, I'm not finished yet...

Video developed by the Michael Palin Centre as a resource for teachers & carers
Michael Palin Centre – YouTube (00:12:22)

My Stammering Child

My Stammering Child – A Video for Parents
Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust – YouTube (00:03:23)

My Stammering Tap

My Stammering Tap
Animation using paper cutouts about what it is like to have a stammer
My Pockets – Vimeo (00:03:45)

ReadAloud - I Talk Like a River

Mr. Wolfe Reads the Storybook – I Talk Like a River
Mr. Wolfe Reads – YouTube (00:04:35)

Me & My Stammer

Meet 10-year-old Elliott (and his stammer) as they navigate an important time in childhood. – YouTube (00:03:00)

Overcoming my stutter

How I overcame my stutter to become a national speaking champion
ITV News – YouTube (00:02:44)

How do people develop a stutter?

How Do People Develop a Stutter?
Hank Green – SciShow Psych
YouTube (00:04:19)

What is it like to stutter?

What is it like to stutter?
American Institute for Stuttering
YouTube (00:02:24)

Motivated Talks with Steve Harvey

How I got over my stuttering problem
Motivated Talks with Steve Harvey
YouTube (00:03:44)

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