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Pocket Guide to Neurodiversity, The


A simple, accessible guide to neurodiversity, unpacking the four main diagnoses of autism, ADHD, dyslexia and dyspraxia. The book also explains some common co-occurring conditions, strengths and difficulties, and concepts such as spiky profiles, executive functioning and working memory.

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This is a great introduction to the complex world of neurodiversity. Every classroom should have a copy, for both educators to learn the basics from, and young people to begin understand themselves or others. The moments for reflection are going to be crucial for many individuals to think about changing their lives and those of others.‘, Charli Clement

‘A gripping guide to neurodiversity – Daniel clearly explains ADHD, autism, dyslexia and dyspraxia and provides a fresh, lively and personal account of human differences. A must-read for employers and educators with practical suggestions provided through a lived experience perspective. A true celebration of the power of thinking differently.‘, Dr Lisa Harkry (CPsychol, FHEA)

‘I wish this ‘guide to Neurodiversity’ was available when I started to navigate and appreciate how my son experienced ‘the world differently to other people’. Daniel simply and concisely highlights key considerations that everyone should have an awareness of that can have a positive impact and be more neuroinclusive.‘, Georgie Siddall, Parent, Carer and Facilitator for Families in Focus Early Years Parent Network

‘In our society, many stigmas and stereotypes still exist around neurodivergent people. This is due to a lack of awareness, understanding and societal expectations. With his fantastic and much needed work, Daniel creates not only awareness about the often unspoken, but he also challenges us in our thinking and encourages us to focus on the strengths and abilities of people that are neurodiverse. Featuring successful people that are neurodivergent gives hope and confidence to those that have never seen themselves in such positions and to the families that often feel they do not fit in the society. This book should be a must read for everyone – from teachers, families, leaders to any neurodivergent people that struggle with understanding why they seem to be different. The book gives a great understanding of different types and helpful guidance. At the end, we are all different and a more neurodivergent environment also helps to create an environment in which we all can thrive.‘, Felizitas Lichtenberg, Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion at SumUp

‘This essential handbook works well for managers across all sectors. Clear and concise, it makes lively reading for managers and co-workers alike and offers an excellent go-to guide for better workplaces. Understanding neurodiversity is your first step in managing staff to improve their work life and yours, increasing team achievements and your organisation’s performance targets.’, Professor Lynn Martin, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge

‘Daniel Aherne’s ‘Pocket Guide to Neurodiversity’ takes a thoughtful and insightful approach to guiding the reader into the rewarding opportunities available to employers in embracing the richness of neurodivergent people within their organisation. Daniel is an expert at gently guiding us, with kind curiosity, into the world of people with Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia and Dyspraxia. He provides moments for deeper reflection and consideration as to how we can all play a part in enjoying workplaces that benefit from their talents and are respectful of their needs. With his ability to help us challenge our misconceptions, Daniel provides us with a multitude of ideas to make the workplace more inclusive for neurodivergent colleagues. As an HR professional and a father to a wonderful autistic son, I wholly recommend this book as a must-read.‘, Brad Taylor, Founder of Strategically People


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