This page has been designed to give KS2 teachers a chance to trial this new Positive Psychology programme from Pearson Education called Weaving Well-Being. Here you will find all the components, physical and digital, to deliver up to five well-being lessons in KS2.

The programme consists of five Teacher Guides, each with ten well-being lessons. There is a corresponding Pupil Book and Digital Companion Page (similar to this one) for each level. Digital companion pages typically contain a PowerPoint presentation for each lesson and a complete Lesson Plan. They also contain a mixture of  supplementary worksheets, videos, games, activities, posters and other activities related to the lesson.

Separately, there is a comprehensive online training course called ‘Weaving Well-Being: Using Positive Psychology in Schools’ and this features many of the ideas from the programme. In addition, it has a strong section on Teacher Well-Being. A link to the online course can be found at the bottom of this page.

Below you can see what each of the five levels cover. The highlighted lesson is free for you to try with your students. Choose a year programmme, click on the highlighted lesson or scroll down to see all lessons.

View and/or download the free Weaving Well-Being Taster Book above.

Year 2/P3
Character Strengths
Teacher Guide & Pupil Book
(+ Digital Companion Page)

Highlighted lesson below is free to try here:

  1. What is Well-Being?
  2. What is Well-Being? (2)
  3. Introduction to Character Strengths
  4. Love, Curiosity, Gratitude & Self-Control
  5. Leadership, Honesty, Creativity & Emotional Intelligence
  6. Kindness, Forgiveness, Fairness & Optimism
  7. Bravery, Open-Mindedness, Love of Learning & Appreciation of Beauty
  8. Caution, Meaning,  Zest & Perseverance
  9. Perspective, Humour, Humility & Teamwork
  10. Identifying and Using My Top 5 Strengths

Year 3/P4
Positive Emotions
Teacher Guide & Pupil Book
(+ Digital Companion Page)

Highlighted lesson below is free to try here:

  1. What is Well-Being?
  2. Positive Emotions
  3. Positive Emotion Potion
  4. Attitude of Gratitude
  5. Feel-Good-Flow
  6. Random Acts of Kindness
  7. Rainbow Moments
  8. Healthy Body, Happy Mind
  9. Positive Emotion Potion – Mix and Enjoy
  10. Review

Year 4/P5
Tools of Resilience
Teacher Guide & Pupil Book
(+ Digital Companion Page)

Highlighted lesson below is free to try here:

  1. Why do we need Resilience?
  2. Jigsaw of Perspective
  3. Lucky Dip of Distraction
  4. Planning Pen
  5. Helpful Thinking Helmet
  6. Key of Character Strength
  7. Mindfulness Switch 1
  8. Mindfulness Switch 2
  9. Mindfulness Switch 3
  10. NABB – Name, Accept, Breathe, Body

Year 5/P6
Positive Relationships
Teacher Guide & Pupil Book
(+ Digital Companion Page)

Highlighted lesson below is free to try here:

  1. The Importance of Positive Relationships
  2. Respect
  3. Empathy
  4. Look for Win Wins
  5. Active Listening
  6. Try to Forgive
  7. Interest in Others
  8. No More Snap Judgements!
  9. Give, Give, Give!
  10. Taking All the Steps

Year 6/P7
Empowering Beliefs
Teacher Guide & Pupil Book
(+ Digital Companion Page)

Highlighted lesson below is free to try here:

  1. What are Empowering Beliefs?
  2. I can choose helpful self-talk
  3. My effort is as important as my ability
  4. I can recognise Thinking Traps
  5. I can act ‘as if’
  6. I can choose to focus on the positive
  7. I can accept that I am OK just as I am
  8. I can make a difference
  9. My actions are powerful
  10. Charging up my batteries – Empowering Beliefs in action

Weaving Well-Being (Year 2/P3) - Character Strengths - What is Well-Being? (Lesson: 1 of 10)

Character Strengths - What is Well-Being? - Additional Activities

Lesson 1 – Guided Meditation: In and Out:

Read the script on page 37 of the Teacher Guide, perhaps with some relaxing background music, or use the links here:

Guided Meditation: In and Out: SCRIPT (pdf)

VideoWatch/Audio: Weaving Well-Being RAP

Join in this Dance and Karaoke version of the Weaving Well-Being RAP. It will be good for both your physical and mental well-being  – otb.ie – Vimeo (02:42)
LYRICS (pdf)

VideoWatch/Audio: I Get Loose!

Here is another YouTube movie you can use for a fun exercise break: I Get Loose – Koo Koo Kanga Roo – Physical Workout – GoNoodle.com – YouTube (1:33)

Weaving Well-Being (Year 3/P4) - Positive Emotions - Rainbow Moments (Lesson 7 of 10)

Rainbow Moments - Additional Activities

VideoWatch: Rainbow Moments

This short movie was filmed in a Dublin school and shows an explanation of Rainbow Moments with lots of children’s examples and children talking about why they like them – Vimeo (04:14)

VideoWatch: How is a Rainbow Formed? Science Experiment for Kids

Science Experiment – Making a Rainbow with Japinder Kaur – An Experiment to show kids how a rainbow is formed – YouTube (03:44)

Weaving Well-Being (Year 4/P5) - Tools of Resilience - Jigsaw of Perspective (Lesson 2 of 10)

Jigsaw of Perspective - Additional Activities

VideoWatch: Optical Illusion for Kids

The short video above contains a number of optical illusion fun activities for children of all ages. You may need to pause the video or view in full screen for a better image – brought to you by MariaGarcia281 – YouTube (01:17)

VideoWatch: Perspective Taking

Perspective taking is a valuable skill in life and leadership. The short video above from risetowin.org explains perspective taking in an easy, child-friendly manner – YouTube (1:40)

VideoWatch: 10 Mind Blowing Optical Illusions

Ten amazing optical illusions that will tease your brain and blow your mind – all is not what it seems to be! Brought to you by therichest.com – YouTube (03:58)

Weaving Well-Being (Year 5/P6) - Positive Relationships - Step 1: Respect (Lesson 2 of 10)

Step 1: Respect - Additional Activities

VideoWatch: Respect Rap Only

Watch and discuss this ‘Respect Rap’ written and performed by high-school students in the USA. Children could then write their own versions in groups or as a class activity – YouTube (3:50)

VideoWatch: How to Disagree with Others - from Kid President

There’s a lot of disagreeing going on in the world right now. So, it’s time to teach us kids how to disagree with people without making everybody feel terrible. Here is Kid President’s 6 Steps to learning how to disagree with people – YouTube (05:09)

Additional (optional) activity:
Poetry: What Everybody Knows Now – by Jacqueline Woodson

Weaving Well-Being (Year 6/P7) - Empowering Beliefs - I Can Make a Difference! (Lesson 8 of 10)

I Can Make a Difference! - Additional Activities

VideoWatch: How To Change The World (a work in progress) | Kid President

In today’s adventure, Kid President explores people’s different ideas about how to make the world better. What do you think is the best way to change the world? – YouTube (03:43)

VideoWatch: Making a World of Difference

Vodafone Foundation’s World of Difference Programme funds people to take time out to work for their dream charity. What would you do to change the world? – Youtube (02:40)

VideoWatch: World’s Largest Lesson Part 2 - 2016

Part 2 of the World’s Largest Lesson written by Sir Ken Robinson and produced by Aardman Animations for Project Everyone, The Global Goals Campaign and The World’s largest Lesson. What can you do to support The Global Goals? You can Invent, Innovate and Campaign for the Goals. – Vimeo (04:54)

Weaving Well-Being – Generic Resources for all Levels of the Programme (KS2)

The links in the section below give access to the programme's resources that are generic to all levels of the Weaving Well-Being programme (KS2)

Weaving Well-Being - Videos

The following short videos give a brief overview and some background information on the Weaving Well-Being programme, giving the practitioner more in-depth knowledge on this evidence-based well-being resource. You will hear from the authors and from children talking about and participating in the programme. The final video is the Weaving Well-Being Rap which is introduced in the first lesson of the Character Strengths programme. This Rap is always a big ‘hit’ with the students. You can download the WWB Rap Lyrics HERE. If you wish to look at additional videos, some filmed in classes, please visit the Weaving Well-Being Vimeo channel: www.otb.ie/wwb-channels. Please double-click on any video to activate full-screen view.

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