Face-to-Face Course

Weaving Well-Being Face-to-Face Course

  • Provide an understanding of the science of Positive Psychology and explore the evidence available to support the benefits of positive psychology strategies
  • Explore the benefits of enhancing well-being and, in particular, the link between well-being, learning and successful school outcomes
  • Provide a range of evidence-based strategies that can enhance the well-being and resilience of children
  • Understand how each well-being intervention is grounded in the SPHE curriculum and can be supported by the SSE process
  • Consider strategies to enhance teacher well-being
  • Provide an overview of the Weaving Well-Being Programme and explore how elements of the programme can be implemented in the classroom setting

Teachers will get the opportunity to experience practical Positive Psychology strategies on a personal level. For full details of the course please scroll down to Course Content and Learning Objectives sections below.

Approved for EPV Days

Under DES rule 58 of the Rules for National Schools, teachers are entitled to Extra Personal Vacation (EPV) after completing this summer course.

Introduction to Well-Being in the Primary School

This module introduces the concept of positive psychology in the context of the Well-Being in the Primary School: Guidelines for the Promotion of Mental Health (DES 2015). It explores how Positive Psychology can enhance and support positive pupil and teacher well-being.

Participants will be enabled to:

    • Explore the concept of well-being
    • Examine the link between well-being and a range of successful outcomes
    • Examine the current challenges to children’s well-being
    • Explore the concept of Positive Psychology- the science of well-being, including examples of Positive Psychology as applied to education (Positive Education)
    • Explore how the language of well-being can be introduced and developed in the primary school
    • Explore an overview of the Weaving Well-Being Programme

A Whole School Approach to Well-Being and SSE

This module focuses on how a Whole School Approach to Well-Being supported by the SSE process can fostering a sense of well-being, belonging and connectedness and build a culture of positive relationships and  positive learning

Participants will be enabled to:

  • Explore and reflect on research showing the importance of a whole school approach to well-being
  • Explore and reflect on contributing factors to a successful whole school approach
  • Explore and reflect on practical strategies to implement at the whole school level
  • Review the role of parents in a successful well-being programme and the different options available to enhance their level of involvement
  • Explore strategies to enhance teacher well-being
  • Engage with the SSE process