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sra logo lrg     SRA Reading Laboratories

     - Quickly build essential reading skillsSRA Reading Lab

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The levelled approach of this tried and tested programme helps everyone get the most from every minute of learning time. This easy-to-manage versatile programme contains a range of self-directed reading levels that enables all students to learn independently and at their own pace, whilst meeting the needs of all levels of learner in one complete package. 

  • Individualised instruction for each student in a whole class environment
  • Students score their own work and keep accurate accounts of their own progress in the Student
  • Programme Management & Assessment CD-ROM
  • A simple placement test easily initiates the programme
  • Dyslexia Action (formerly known as Dyslexia Institute) recommend Reading Laboratories for use with Dyslexia Students
  • Teacher’s Handbook offers tips and skills for developing an independent learning environment and supporting below-level learners for maximum success
  • Proven to work effectively at each incremental level - an excellent resource for managing an entire classroom of readers at differing levels
  • Use of the Student Record Books is fundamental to the dynamic of the Reading Laboratory. Student Record Books record progress made in essential reading skills 

The Student Record Book is the essential component at the following stages:

  • Getting Started - Using the Starter Level Guide, the Power Builder Starter and the Conversion Table
  • Power Builders - Answering questions, marking, charting progress, learning from errors (in Series 2 by using Skill Builder Cards)
  • Student Conference - Occurs before moving to a higher level
  • Reading and Understanding Progress Charts (and in Series 2 & 3 Rate Builders)

Which Level?SRA Reading Kits - Age Ranges  Chronological Ages2

 - In the table above the actual or chronological ages of the pupils run vertically down the left and the reading ages run horizontally across the top. In each case the Developmental levels are intended for Special Needs and the numbered labs for differentiation in a mainstream or multigrade setting.

Getting the most out of SRA Reading Labs - Click HERE

SRA Levels:

Originally there were 11 levels (some now discontinued) in the SRA Reading Labs programme, divided into 3 series:

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  • Series 1
    • Developmental 1 (Chronological Age: 6 to 9 / Reading Age: 6:2 to 7:2) - Reading Laboratory - DISCONTINUED
      • Developmental 1 Student Booklets (Pack of 5)
    • Reading Lab 1a (Chronological Age: 6 to 7 / Reading Age: 6:2 to 8:5) - Reading Laboratory - AVAILABLE
      • Reading Lab 1a Student Booklets (Pack of 5)
    • Reading Lab 1b (Chronological Age: 7 to 8 / Reading Age: 6:4 to 9:5) - Reading Laboratory - DISCONTINUED
      • Reading Lab 1b Student Booklets (Pack of 5)
    • Reading Lab 1c (Chronological Age: 8 to 9 / Reading Age: 6:6 to 10:5) - Reading Laboratory - DISCONTINUED
      • Reading Lab 1c Student Booklets (Pack of 5)
  • Series 2
    • Developmental 2 (Chronological Age: 9 to 12 / Reading Age: 7:0 to 10:0) - Reading Laboratory - DISCONTINUED
      • Developmental 2 Student Booklets (Pack of 5)
    • Reading Lab 2a (Chronological Age: 9 to 10 / Reading Age: 7:0 to 12:0) - Reading Laboratory - AVAILABLE
      • Reading Lab 2a Student Booklets (Pack of 5)
    • Reading Lab 2b (Chronological Age: 10 to 11 / Reading Age: 7:5 to 13:0) - Reading Laboratory - AVAILABLE
      • Reading Lab 2b Student Booklets (Pack of 5)
    • Reading Lab 2c (Chronological Age: 11 to 12 / Reading Age: 8:0 to 14:0) - Reading Laboratory - DISCONTINUED
      • Reading Lab 2c Student Booklets (Pack of 5)
  • Series 3
    • Developmental 3a (Chronological Age: 12 to 15 / Reading Age: 8:5 to 12:0) - Reading Laboratory - AVAILABLE
      • Developmental 3 Student Booklets (Pack of 5) 
    • Reading Lab 3b (Chronological Age: 12 to 14 / Reading Age: 8:5 to 16:0) - Reading Laboratory (includes SKILL BUILDERS) - AVAILABLE
      • Reading Lab 3a Student Booklets (Pack of 5)
    • Reading Lab 3c (Chronological Age: 13 to 15 / Reading Age: 10:0 to 16:0) - Reading Laboratory - DISCONTINUED
      • Reading Lab Student Booklets (Pack of 5)

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