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Please note – this summer course is DES approved and successful completion qualifies participants for EPV days. The course will open on Wednesday 1st July 2020. Please note that this course is an extended version of the Weaving Well-Being course offered on If you have completed that course you will have covered a lot of the content of this extended course.

Course Title: Weaving Well-Being: Using Positive Psychology in Schools – Online Summer Course (DES Approved)

Through this course, participants will learn practical strategies for enhancing well-being in schools, for both students and teachers alike. The concept of well-being will be explored and the field of Positive Psychology, which is the science of well-being, will be outlined. Positive Psychology offers many evidence-based strategies for nurturing resilience and well-being, and participants will be given the opportunity to explore them on a personal level, as well as gaining ideas for applying them to the school setting. Seligman’s PERMA model (2011) provides a concrete framework for understanding Positive Psychology. PERMA stands for Positive Emotions, Engagement (Character Strengths), Relationships, Meaning and Achievement. The theory and practical application of the elements of PERMA for enhancing well-being in schools will explored.

The course will outline and explore the Weaving Well-Being programme (Forman and Rock, 2016) which is a multi-level SPHE programme based on Positive Psychology. We will look at each level of the programme in detail, as well as gaining an overview of the complete programme.

The course will also cover a whole-school approach to nurturing well-being, as well as examining ideas for using the SSE process for well-being improvement as outlined by the Well-Being Policy Statement and Framework for Practice (DES, 2018).

Module 1: Introduction to Well-Being in The Classroom

Module 1 explores the concepts of well-being and Positive Psychology. It also provides a general overview of the Weaving Well-Being Programme.

Module 2: Positive Emotion, Character Strengths and Flow

This module covers the 3 Positive Psychology topics of Positive Emotion, Character Strengths and Flow. It explores research on each, as well as ideas for applying each topic on a personal level. It also explains how each of these topics are covered in the Weaving Well-Being programme (2nd and 3rd class)

Module 3: Resilience and Mindfulness

Module 3 explores the concepts of resilience and mindfulness as well as offering opportunities for personal application. It also explores how these concepts are covered in the Weaving Well-Being programme. (4th Class)

Module 4: Positive Relationships and Self-Efficacy

Module 4 covers Positive Relationships and self-efficacy, including growth mindset and conflict resolution. It shows how these topics are explored in the Weaving Well-Being Programme (5th & 6th Class)

Module 5: Whole School Approach, Teacher Well-Being & SSE

Module 5 covers a whole-school approach to well-being and outlines how the SSE process can be used to promote well-being with reference to the Well-Being Policy Statement & Framework for Practice (DES, 2018). It also explores practical strategies for enhancing Teacher Well-Being.

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