ISBN: B6400

Worry Wheels Anxiety Set


ISBN: B6400
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Explore and understand anxieties and their effects with these hands-on resources.

Many young people are affected by anxiety issues that have a profound effect on their behaviour and enjoyment of life. These can be linked to certain people, places or particular situations. The resulting anxiety can manifest itself in physical effects as well as leading to poor self-esteem, poor concentration and isolation, which in turn affects friendships, school work and social activities.

Professionals, parents and carers can use the Worry Wheels to explore both the causes and physical and social effects of anxiety and help young people to begin to think and act differently and thereby reduce the anxiety in their lives.

Includes:4 x Worry Wheels: Physical Effects of My Anxiety; Why am I Feeling Anxious?; Social Effects of My Anxiety; How Can I Manage my Anxiety?; A4 Facing Fears Poster, Telling Someone You Feel Worried Fan; Write-On-Wipe-Off Worry Cloud.

Pack set, 4x Worry Wheels, 1x A4 poster, 1x Worries Fan, 1x Worry Cloud

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