Working with Parents and Families


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Working with Parents and Families

This book targets many of the concerns and questions teachers have about working with the parents of their students. This is an important topic because parental involvement is essential for today’s schools. The more parents are involved, the more they tend to appreciate and support the schools.  Parent-teacher communication and collaboration generally result in children learning more and achieving at higher levels.

Given these positive effects, most teachers would like to work productively and positively with the parents of their students. Developing skills in effective communication, knowing how to conference appropriately with parents and learning how to form relationships based on trust and respect are essentials for collaboration between parents and teachers necessary in today’s schools. Additionally teachers need to assist parents by providing guidelines for them showing ways to help their children at home and at school. This book addresses all of the above topics and concerns and will give both new and experienced teachers a quick reference on this important topic.

Most of this book is written for teachers. However the last pages contain a series of strategies for parents when dealing with a wide variety of issues and concerns. teachers should copy and give these pages to parents as appropriate. They are designed to open communication and give parents a set of guidelines that should be helpful as they undertake the difficult job of raising their children.

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Author:Carolyn Coil ISBN: 9781741011548   AGE: ALL

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