Working with Differentiating Curriculum and Instruction


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Working with Differentiating Curriculum and Instruction

Written on the assumption that most busy teachers do not have the time to read lengthy academic texts, this short book gives teachers practical advise and information on the latest thinking in education.

The autor has developed an approach to teaching based on the premise that students learn in different ways. This means we must provide them with a number of different options for learning. We need to consider each student’s interests, level of readiness, pace of learning, learning styles and modalities, strengths and weaknesses and types of intelligences. This is a big order for an individual teacher!

Working with Differentiating Curriculum and Instruction offers a range of strategies including:

  • Flexible Grouping
  • Curriculum Compacting
  • Individualised Instruction
  • Learning Centres
  • Independent Learning Activities
  • Tiered Units
  • Mentoring and Mini-classes
  • Differentiated Assessment

All Students, from those who struggle with learning to the highly gifted, will benefit from this approach to teaching and learning. 

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ISBN: 9781741012163 Author: Carolyn Coil

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