Wired for Well-Being: Poster Set A




Enhance your school’s Wired for Well-Being lessons with this set of full-colour, A3 posters. The Wired for Well-Being programme aims to introduce adolescents to these evidence-based skills, drawn from the fields of Positive Psychology and Neuroscience, in order to develop positive wellbeing habits for life.

This set of eleven posters features the tools and strategies introduced in each level of the programme:

P1A – Skill 1: Understand Your Well-Being – Dimensions of Well-Being
P1B – Skill 1: Understand Your Well-Being – Here is a helpful way to think about what well-being is all about
P2A – Skill 2: Nurture Neuroplasticity – Neurons that fire together, wire together
P2B – Skill 2: Nurture Neuroplasticity – Feel-Good Neurotransmitters
P3 – Skill 3: Savour Your Sleep – A sleep-deprived brain
P4 – Skill 4: Prioritise Positivity
P5 – Skill 5: Choose Kindness
P6 – Skill 6: Be Your Own Best Friend
P7 – Skill 7: Tam Technology
P8 – Skill 8: Become Wired for Well-Being
P9 – Using all of your Skills

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