ISBN: 9781935542506

What Principals Need To Know About Differentiated Instruction


ISBN: 9781935542506
Author(s) : Gayle Gregory,
SKU: 9781935542506


Principals and administrators play a critical role in leading differentiated instruction schoolwide and creating a brain-friendly environment for both students and teachers. In What Principals Need to Know About Differentiated Instruction, author Gayle Gregory provides school leaders with the foundational knowledge necessary to encourage and support schoolwide implementation of differentiated instruction to ensure learning for all students.

With this book, you will:

  • Obtain an understanding of differentiated instruction and the theory that supports it
  • Learn how differentiated instruction serves all students
  • Understand how teachers can build students’ individual learning profiles
  • Know how differentiation fits into a solid curriculum
  • Identify specific learning strategies for differentiated instruction
  • Lead differentiated instruction

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