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The Speaking Ideas Bank contains plans and resources for setting up and running over 40 ‘pick up and use’ speaking activities designed to build skills and competence in oral language. The books are divided into a series of fun and engaging oral language lessons that support students’ ability to think creatively and critically by developing skills and competencies in these oral language areas all of which have been successfully trialled in the classroom:

  • Improvised and Impromptu Speech
  • Formal or Conventional Speech
  • Questioning
  • Reporting and Describing
  • Directing
  • Reasoning

Each activity comes with a teacher ideas page and a series of supporting resources.

Activities across the books cover:

  • Roleplay and Dramatisation
  • Problem Solving
  • Improvisations
  • Storytelling
  • Group Discussion and Working in Pairs
  • Conversations
  • Prepared Talks
  • Arguments and Debate
  • Interviews
  • Announcements
  • Commentary
  • Viewing
  • Broadcasting
  • Instructing
  • Describing
  • Listing
  • Embellishing

“Developing spoken language in students has been a core element of my teaching over a thirty-year career in the classroom. The integration of language and thinking skills has been the focus of my research. I firmly believe that students learn best when speaking. I have written in the areas of listening, classroom management, teaching English and am a published author in the area of self-esteem.”- Peter Alford.

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