ISBN: 9781869682200

Mathematics Word Puzzles


ISBN: 9781869682200
Author(s) : Peter Giddens
SKU: 9781869682200
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Knowing the language of maths can really help to support understanding. This bumper book of puzzles is packed with ideas for helping middle to senior students get to grips with maths words and what they mean. We all know that maths is about numbers and solving problems, but it’s also about words and how they are used. This book of puzzles takes the special language of maths and provides a variety of fun contexts for finding out about and practising that language using familiar contexts.

The themed puzzles include crosswords, word searches and cloze activities that will help to reinforce new words and phrases for a range of topics in the maths curriculum. The puzzles are suitable for individuals and pairs working together. In addition to supplementing in-class maths work, the puzzles can be copied and kept in a box to have ready for relief/substitute teachers, or supplied as fun and engaging homework activities.

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